Late Summer 2021

Unfortunately the exoten-meeting 2020 will not take place.

We as the organization had to decide this because of the current crisis and the measures taken. We hope we’ll meet again in 2021! Stay healthy!

In the late summer of 2021 (date will follow early 2021) the International Exoten-meeting will be held for the 28th time and will also start from Doorn again. This year it is a special meeting with a real Concour d'Elegance with nice prizes! And off course a tour.

Concour d’Elegance

The jury

The jury consists of three persons. Jury Chairman - how could it be otherwise - Johan Kole, who is assisted by two jury members consisting of an employee and a resident of Het Zonnehuis.

Three categories

Of course, there are nice prizes that can be earned. We assess three categories:

The most beautiful original exoot

The "cleanest" engine

The most beautiful custom build

Nice prices

These prices are offered to us by the Kartfabrique and other companies.


It is an annual event held this time again from DOORN. It attracts every year with their special bike riders from Germany, England, Belgium and of course the Netherlands. First action line is the static display at the reception, it offers a lot of attention for many enthusiasts. Then the unsurpassed tour with special motors through an appealing environment. This you do not want to miss!

The tour

The tour drive of the Exotentreffen 2019 shows a new piece of Central Netherlands in an "exotic" nutshell. We are riding a round of the Rhine and Heuvelrug this year. We start in Doorn and drive through the rural countryside to Wijk bij Duurstede. Here we take the ferry to the Rijswijkse Waard and take the Rijndijk to the east,

to take the ferry to the north bank again at De Blauwe Kamer. Here the landscape suddenly becomes very different and we drive through the Utrechtse Heuvelrug to have lunch in Rhenen at our own expense and explore this town on the banks of the Rhine. Eventually we end up in Doorn again at the starting location. From here we go to the barbecue location for the annual and fun barbecue!

Do you already have an exotic, a particular engine and / or do you just fancy a memorable event between the classics and special motorcycles? Come to Doorn:

No ordinary stuff!


Het Zonnehuis (onder voorbehoud)

Bergweg 2, 3941 RB Doorn

Navigatie advies:

Dorpsstraat 81, Doorn

Ontvangst: vanaf 10.00 uur

Start toertocht: 12.15 uur

Deelname kosten toertocht:

€ 6,- per persoon


€ 18,- per persoon inclusief drankjes (bier/wijn/fris/koffie/thee)

BBQ locatie vanaf 17.00 uur: Dolderseweg 3,

3712 BL Huis ter Heide (Ut)

OVERNACHTEN? (klik hier)

Welkom zijn rijders en liefhebbers van:


Benelli Sei

Honda CB-X 1000

Kawasaki Z 1300

Kawasaki Voyager 1300


Hercules / DKW W2000

Norton F1

Norton Commander

Suzuki RE-5

Van Veen OCR1000


Honda CX500 Turbo

Kawasaki ZX750 Turbo, Z1-R Turbo

Suzuki XN85 Turbo

Yamaha XJ650 Turbo



Motoren met automotoren



Bijzondere modellen (BMW K1,

Voxan, Suzuki Katana, Bimota,

MuZ Scorpion, Baghira, etc....)


En iedereen die zin heeft in een leuke dag met toertocht en BBQ!

De organisatie is in handen van:

Johan Kole  Michiel, Marloes, Marco en Hans